Nebraska’s new Tourism Campaign

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Come to Nebraska and we’ll force you to carry an unviable fetus to term and then watch it die!   From the Nebraska is this article about how the state’s new anti-abortion law forced someone to do exactly that. Nebraska Senator Mike Flood sponsored the law. We’re adding him to the Wall of Shame.

John Amato of Crooks & Liars has additional articles about this law and its consequences.

The Des Moines Register has this article posted including an interview with the family. They point to a very similar law being proposed for my home state of Iowa. It almost makes me want to move back their so that I can vote against it.

Personal Stories – Jackie Speier

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Rep. Jackie Spieer (D-CA) pushed back hard at Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) on the floor of the House this year.  There are lots of postings of her speech. This one is short and sweet.

Personal Stories

Categories:  Personal Stories

We’re going to collect stories from women brave enough to share their experiences with the rest of us.  Here is the first one. It was published as an editorial in the Albuquerque Journal North.