Mike Pence Strikes Again

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Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) held an anti-abortion rights teleconference Monday night. Pence’s amendment to the continuing resolution on the federal budget would strip funding from all family planning providers that offer abortion services.  Pence makes me cringe everytime he opens his mouth. At lease everyone should be able to predict his actions by now.  News article about the teleconference is here.  Additional comments from DailyKos is here.

Horror Stories from Around the World

Categories:  Consequences of Banning Abortion, Reproductive Rights

Several horrifying anecdotes of what happens to real people all over the world — including right here in the USA — when governments ban abortions.  These are the types of stories that should be used to hammer back at Republicans when they try to take away our rights.  Hat tip to fiver who writes the stories that are hard to read.

Wisconsin and Texas Updates

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Digby has a good writeup of Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) budget and how it attacks contraception coverage by insurance companies as well as eliminates funds for family planning.  The same article  talks about Republican Gov. Rick Perry in Texas and his attempts to add more delays and BS to the process of getting an abortion.  Read the article here.

Miscarriage = Murder

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Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta, GA) introduced a bill that among other things directs Georgia officials to investigate the cause of fetal deaths.  Lindsay Beyerstein has a good write up.