Thought Police Strike in Iowa

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From comes this article about a woman in Iowa that was arrested after she told an ER nurse that she hadn’t always been sure she’d wanted this baby. She spent two days in jail for that thought crime. There’s more to the story of course, but at the end of the day the reason she was jailed was for admitting that she had previously thought about an abortion. More from fiver at Daily Kos.

So many problems in the world, but thankfully there’s one nurse who’s willing violate patient confidentiality and HIPAA rules to save a poor women from her impure thoughts.

Nebraska’s new Tourism Campaign

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Come to Nebraska and we’ll force you to carry an unviable fetus to term and then watch it die!   From the Nebraska is this article about how the state’s new anti-abortion law forced someone to do exactly that. Nebraska Senator Mike Flood sponsored the law. We’re adding him to the Wall of Shame.

John Amato of Crooks & Liars has additional articles about this law and its consequences.

The Des Moines Register has this article posted including an interview with the family. They point to a very similar law being proposed for my home state of Iowa. It almost makes me want to move back their so that I can vote against it.

Horror Stories from Around the World

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Several horrifying anecdotes of what happens to real people all over the world — including right here in the USA — when governments ban abortions.  These are the types of stories that should be used to hammer back at Republicans when they try to take away our rights.  Hat tip to fiver who writes the stories that are hard to read.